Jami Gibbs

Hello, there. I’m Jami Gibbs. I’m a website developer from Chicago. Some would call me a unicorn. I founded Rescue Themes which specializes in nonprofit and niche WordPress themes. I’ve also created a number of open source projects using JavaScript, React, Angular, WordPress, & Jekyll.

In my spare time I like to kick up road dust and pour down a few craft brews.

I’m currently lending my brain to Envato as their Content Specialist for Web Templates.

Latest Work

Tech Path

(Under Development) Built with ReactJS, Tech Path aims to solve the problem of having thousands of free online coding tutorials, articles, and projects at your finger tips but no good way to keep track of what you’ve finished, how you’re progressing, and which one you’d like to do next

Fair Split Calculator

A simple ReactJS calculator that takes two earnings and determines the amount each should pay towards an inputed set of household bills.


A WordPress theme that excels as a writing tool. Built with _s, Foundation, and Sass.


A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap.

Grocery Store Monopoly Exchange

A SPA that lists a directory of user inputed tickets from the grocery store Monopoly game to facilitate exchanges with friends & family built with JavaScript and Angular.


A functional calculator that can perform basic operations built with JavaScript, jQuery, & Sass

Simon Game

The classic memory game built with JavaScript, jQuery, & Sass.