Smart Phone Prison

Last night I asked on Twitter:

Next to replacing my phone with a Nokia, the best suggestion was to simply remove the apps you want removed. Duh, right? Why didn’t I just think of that? What sense would it make to download an app to get rid of apps?

So today I removed most of them from my iPhone. 42 in all. I connected the phone to my computer and went “click click click” without remorse. Boom. Gone.

The funny thing is that I thought I was one of the few people who didn’t download every app and I made a point to regularly pare things down to only the “essentials”. But I was shocked to see the that total once I was finished purging.

The final result. Ignoring the Apple apps (that you can’t delete), it still feels crowded.

The notifications and the temptation to check various social media accounts, news sources, sales data, bank ledgers, etc. finally became too much. Everywhere I went, I saw people looking down at their phones. I was looking down at my phone too.

I’ve realized that I’m missing things like, oh I don’t know, life? I’ve also realized that I felt a very heavy burden.

This realization isn’t anything new and I think it’s becoming more and more common for people to notice the unnecessary stress, emptiness, and anxiety from an over-active smart phone.

I’m letting go of the FOMO. I’m letting go of the constant nag to stay plugged in and instead giving myself the opportunity to breath again.

Would you be able to do it too?

A New Way to Listen: Developing Empathy

The key is to find out the point of what the person is doing—why, the reason, not the steps of how she does it. Not the tools or service she uses. You’re after the direction she is heading and all her inner reasoning about that direction. You’re after overarching intentions, internal debates, indecision, emotion, trade-offs, etc. You want the deeper level processes going through her mind and heart—the things that all humans think and feel, no matter if they are old or young, or you are conducting the session 500 years ago or 500 years in the future.

A List Apart

Hello world: An Introduction

My name is Jami and I’m a website designer / developer, craft beer lover, open source advocate, GPL hound, and dabbler in many things tech.

Probably like you, I’m an introvert who occasionally finds time to write as a (mostly forced) way to be more social. This post is a placeholder for that future content. Stuff published here may or may not be about:

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Tally ho!